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Now that you have cleared your 12th Std, it is a great time for you to see the college life. With so many subjects and fields that become available to you, if you have chosen commerce, certainly it is right decision, as there are varieties of career paths top make your choice. Right from a creative aspect until the computer applications and financial aspects, there are so many career choices available. However, to clear is not a cup of tea. If you are residing in Delhi, then you must visit RKIFM for Bachelor of Commerce Classes in Delhi. We have the best team to undertake and teach all the subjects.

What does the Bachelor of Commerce Include?
Bachelor of Commerce is the graduation level for the student, which if achieved can allow the student to start off the career. There are certain financial and marketing subjects involved, which, if specialized in future can open new career path for you. So many popular colleges offer Courses. Besides, you may also come across some of the good institutes. However, our tutorial has got some of the best ways to let student learn while having fun time and thus score well with flying colors.

Subjects that are taken:
We ensure that right from the scoring subject like accounts and taxation till the learning subjects like economics, student gets proper guidance. Generally, we cover the subjects like Mirco economics, macroeconomics, Cost Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Business Communication, Business Statistics, Ethics & Social Responsibility, computers application and Fundamentals of Investment. These subjects are quite interesting and fun to learn, but if there is, any particular subject that you are finding difficult then our guidance is always ready.

How Can we help you?
We have the best team of experienced staff who with their knowledge will ensure that every student gets a personal attention. We offer different test series pattern too, so that students can practice well before their exam. Our references and manual sheets are quite different from regular pattern. We also use advanced technology like power point presentations and other methods to help students learn the subjects in a better way. You can certainly compare our team with other Bachelor of Commerce Classes in Delhi, but it is obvious that you will be amazed to see that we are leading one in the market even today.
So far, we have managed to achieve more than 95% of passed scorers that too in the merit list. We have good reputation of letting the students learn in a unique way. Our staff’s outstanding performance and dedication to teach students is something that you may not find anywhere else. You can fix an appointment with us or contact us to know more about how we work. We are a genuine programme coaching classes in delhi who have certificates to carry out this profession as well.
Now that you have a better idea on how we work, contact us today and book the seat today. Admissions are filling up fast. If lucky, you may get some good discount for booking early.