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M.Com Enrance Syllabus - Tuition for entrance at hudson lane

Syllabus for Delhi University M.Com Entrance Test

Micro Economics
• Demand & Supply
• Consumer Theory
• Production and Cost
• Market Structures
• Perfect Competition
• Imperfect Competition
• Income Distribution and Factor Pricing

Macro Economics
• National Income Determination
• Fiscal Policy
• GDP and Price Level in Short and Long Run
• Money in a Modern Economy
• IS – LM Analysis

Indian Economy
• Foreign Trade
• Price
• Industry Policy

Financial Accounting
• Basic Concepts
• Accounting Process
• Final Accounts of Nonprofit Organization
• Consignment and Joint Venture Accounts
• Depreciation Accounting
• Inland Branches
• Dissolution of Partnership Firms

Corporate Accounting
• Accounting for share capital
• Redemption of preference shares
• Issue and Redemption of Debentures
• Final Accounts of Limited Liability Companies
• Accounting for Amalgamation of Companies
• Accounting for Internal Reconstruction
• Cash Flow Statements
• Financial Statements Analysis
• Operating profit ratio

Cost Accounting
• Cost concepts and classifications
• Accounting and Control of Material Cost
• Accounting and Control of Labour Cost
• Methods of Costing
• Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts
• Marginal Costing
• Budgetary Control

Business Statistics
• Descriptive Statistics
• Positional Averages
• Correlation
• Regression
• Index Numbers
• Time Series Analysis

Business Mathematics
• Matrices and Determinants
• Calculus
• Basic Mathematics of Finance

Business Organization
• Business System and Contemporary Business Environment
• The Process of Management
• Leadership
• Conceptual Framework of Marketing Management

Business and Industrial Laws
• The Indian Contract Act, 1872
• The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
• The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
• Payment of Wages Act, 1936
• The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
• Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

General Knowledge and Current Affairs
• Important Personality
• Sports
• Business
• Events of National Importance
• Economy

Reference books for Micro Economics
• Micro Economics, an Advanced Treatise by SPS Chauhan
• Principal of Economics by R. G. Lipsey and K. A. Chrystal
• Microeconomic Theory by Gould Johnl and Edward P. Lazeor

Reference books for Macro Economics
• Principal of Economics by R. G. Lipsey and K. A. Chrystal
• Macroeconomic by Dornbusch Rudiger and Stanley Fisher

Reference books for Indian Economy
• Economics Development in the Third World by M. A. Todaro
• Indian Economy, Performance and Policies by Deepashree

Reference books for Financial Accounting
• Basic Financial Accounting by J.R Monga
• Financial Accounting by S. N. Maheshwari
• Fundamentals of Financial Accounting by Ashok Sehgal and Deepak Sehgal

Reference books for Corporate Accounting
• Basic Corporate Accounting by J.R Monga
• Corporate Accounting by M.C., Shukla, T.S. Grewal and S.C. Gupta
• Corporate Accounting by S.N. Maheshwari, and S.K. Maheshwari

Reference books for Cost Accounting
• Cost Accounting, Principles, Methods and Techniques by B.M. Lall Nigam and I.C. Jain
• Fundamentals of Cost Accounting by H. V. Jhamb
• Cost Accounting by M.C. Shukla, T.S. Grewal and M P. Gupta

Reference books for Business Statistics
• Fundamentals of Statistics by S.C. Gupta
• Statistics for Management by Richard Levin and David S. Rubin

Reference books for Business Mathematics
• Business Mathematics by J. K. Sharma
• Business Mathematics by J. K. Singh
• Mathematics for Economics by E.T. Dowling

Reference books for Business Organization
• Modern Business Organisation by Shankar, Gauri
• Principles of Management by Tripathi, P.C
• Concepts of Business: An Introduction to Business System by Bushkirk, R.H
• Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation & Control by 8. Kotler, Philip

Reference books for Business and Industrial Laws
• Business and Industrial Laws by J. P. Sharma, Sunaina Kanojia
• Business Laws by M.C. Kuchhal
• Business Law by P.C. Tulsian
• Students Guide to Mercantile and Commercial Laws by Rohini Aggarwal

Reference books for General Knowledge and Current Affairs
• Ramesh General Knowledge & Current Affairs
• Upkars General Knowledge Current Affairs Whos Who
• Arihant Objective General Knowledge